Saturday, February 7

bye my love goodbye

               Hi hi its me again :) I just wanna say that i am feeling quite sad because my crush a.k.a mr ehem ehem (wont tell you lolol) will be transferring to a new school. Yes IT SUCKS because im gonna miss him HAHAHAHAHAHA and i'll be insane because i cant get to see him in school again >:( PLUS actually ive been liking him since i was in form2, 14 years old. And now, im 17 hooorayyy :( SPM k SPM *cries* yessss it has been 3 FUCKING YEARS AND HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO FORGET HIM IF HE LEAVE THIS SCHOOL?  

I can say that he's one of the reasons i come to school lmaooo ikr i sounded stupid but its true though. Ok i will describe him. 

Firstly, hes

  • TALL
  • CUTE (KINDA but more to handsome)
But now i think he gained a few weight maybe :-----) he's getting more chubby lololol but he still looks cute and TALL ofc.

tbh, hes handsome irl than in photos i swear to god! thats what you call LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT am i right? And all i can say he's my ideal type.



love, wawalien

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